April 30

Disney Classic (part 2)

This is the continue of my previous post, about the video I’ve found at Youtube. Enjoy!

This video is a little different from the first Disney Classics video, but still holds the same meaning. The begining of the film, we are transported to the beauty of Africa as we see clips from “The Lion King”. Then we suddenly go to Greece, where we see the love hardships of Hercules. As the song suggests, many Disney characters refuse to give into love, such as Beast, Mike Weslowski, Donald Duck and more. Then we travel to the Motion Picture world of Disney as we visit the first and remake of “Parent Trap”. As their counterparts try to influence them into love, our love-denying Disney characters fight against love until they finally give in, and all the characters of Disney come together in LOVE. One of the famous love stories, “Beauty and the Beast” comes to life as we begin to travel from Disney movie to Disney Movie. Suddnely we see Snow White and her wishes for love, then Sleeping Beauty seeks love and eventually finds it. In the end, we see all the famous couples and love stories of Disney come together as Mickey and Minnie seal the deal with a kiss! The medley of songs are copyrighted to “Disney on the Record” Broadway Show and Soundtrack. Enjoy!!!

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