May 22

This Month May History in Disney

PixarThe amazing thing about Disney is that it has been around so long that every day is history. In May, Disney made the major purchase of Pixar Animation Studios.  A that same time, it gained the services of Ed Catmull and John Lasseter to be creative heads of Disney Feature Animation.  Disney Pixar’s Cars was released a few months later in June.

May set in motion the next great decade of animated fields from Disney.  Although the movies are not hand drawn anymore, they are more spectacular then ever.  Have you noticed that the new movies are in high definition?  The classics are amazing, but the picture quality of new movies are well worth the investment in Pixar.

CarsOne of my favorite Pixar movies is Cars.  The story is well thought out and who doesn’t love cars in America?  It brings two favorite things together, cars and racing.  It’s basically an animated Talladega Nights for everyone.

The story has drama, suspense, and love.  If you haven’t seen Cars, I highly recommend to go and watch it.



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