May 22

From Barney to Disney Channel Demi Lovato

DisneyIf you have been keeping track of Disney, you would have noticed that Disney is everywhere.  Disney has become a large corporation.  They are no longer just a children dreams company, but a company that has fingers everywhere.  This is great for some, but brings the Disney image into question.

Growing up, Disney was synonymous with family values.  If you heard Disney made it, you would know it’s safe for young children.  However, as Disney grew, so did its audience.  It was no longer family.  It became adults, teenagers, etc.

Disney made some mistakes growing up.  Like any child becoming an adult, they took risks.  Some of these risk backfired.  Some did not.  Looking at it with the knowledge of where Disney is now, it looks like it all worked out.

Disney has found a balance.  They are still able to make family friendly movies.  Yet, they can still make adult films.  I have to hand it to Disney for making it work and keeping the tradition alive.

Thank you Disney