December 12

More About the Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frog

If you live in New Orleans or Louisiana, you are going to love this film. Wait… If you live everywhere else you are going to love this film. The Princess and the Frog is one of the best Disney films I have ever seen. It’s completely original and the story was brought to life.

Living in New Orleans, I appreciate all the buildings, swamps, and Spanish moss. They really got it right. And the music was great too. I was dance to the jazz the entire night. It actually made me want to go to the French Quarter.

The story brings together many things that are New Orleans. If you have never been to New Orleans, you need to come to our city. It is one of the only cities that has an amazing character. You feel like you are in a different time, in a place outside the United States. Please come and visit our city.

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