June 10

A Letter for Skandar Keynes

Skandar KeynesDear Skandar,

Thank you for your roll in the Chronicles of Narnia.  The movie turned out great and I enjoyed how you made it come alive.  Was it hard being in the movies?

I spend a lot of time watching movies.  There are many good movies; however, there are many more bad movies.  I have to say that your movie has been one of the best.  I have enjoyed watching it many times with my brothers and sisters.  All of us really enjoy it.

How did you get involved in movies?  Is it what you want to do?

If you could tell us fans one thing that would be meaningful, what would you tell us?

Please keep the movies coming.  I can’t wait to see you in future movies.  In the meantime, I will keep watching the Chronicles of Narnia.

Your Fan,



June 9

News Update Tangleds Concept Art

TangledA classic firm with a modern twist.  Disney’s Tangled is a fun story to watch for the entire family.

I have to be honest, I did not know what to expect. I thought it was going to lack substance or be too far off from the original story. Fortunately, Disney did a great job and I was wrong.

The story is really Rapunzel. It’s about a girl with really, really, really long hair. She lives in a tower where no one can find her. However, one day some does find her. They go on a journey together. They face some danger together. And then they fall in love.

That’s really the short version of a much longer story, but you get the point of Tangled. It’s a fun movie and worth watching. It’s more for girls, but boys may like it too. I hope you enjoy.