May 15

Frozen Heats Up


If you haven’t heard of Frozen, you have probably not been outside lately. Frozen is the biggest block buster since… Well, it’s huge. You’re probably singing “Let It Go” because the song is everywhere.

Disney’s Frozen underwent several story treatments for years, before being commissioned in 2011. The screenplay was written by Jennifer Lee, and both Chris Buck and Lee serving as directors. Frozen features the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana. Christophe Beck was hired to compose the film’s orchestral score, while husband-and-wife songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez penned the songs.

Once again, this is one of my favorite movies. Did you notice the girl from Tangled? Disney places characters from other films into new films. You need to pay attention, but you’ll be able to find them yourself.

October 11

The Three Musketeers: All for One and One for All

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. And they are starring so many movies together. The last movie they starred together is The Three Musketeers.

three musketeersThis movie is the animation adaptation of the The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, perè. This movie is directed by Donovan Cook, produced by Disney Toon Studios. It was released in a form of VHS and DVD, and distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

The voice of the characters are still filled by some of the stars such as, Wayne Alwine as Mickey Mouse, Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck, and Bill Farmer as Goofy (as well as Pluto). We also can find another stars such as Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse, Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck, Jim Cummings as Pete, April Winchell as Clarabelle the Cow, Rob Paulsen as the Trobadour (a French-speaking turtle as the narrator), Maurice LaMarche and Jeff Bennett as the Beagle Boys.

In this movie, once again, Mickey Mouse, along with his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, are together. It’s all started when they were little children, they were helped by the real Musketeers. Little Mickey was given a hat (although it was too big for him). Since then, Little Mickey, Little Donald, and Little Goofy always wanted to be the Musketeers. Until they have grown up, they still want to be the musketeers, although they live as the janitors (together with Mickey’s loyal dog, Pluto). Mickey still have the hat, and he is still hoping that someday they will become the Musketeers. The captain of the real Musketeers is Pete-Leg Pete. He tells the buddies why they won’t become the Musketeers: Mickey is too short, Donald is a coward, and Goofy is too clumsy.


three musketeers

Until one day, the Princess of France, Minnie Mouse, are discussing with her lady-in-waiting, Daisy Duck about how Minnie wants to find her true love. Then when Minnie is taking a walk, The Beagle Boys tries to kill her. Minnie feels in danger and she asks Pete to protect her by giving the best musketeers as her bodyguards. The one that Minnie doesn’t know that the Beagle Boys are taking the order to kill by Pete. Pete is the bad-guy!!! Pete does intends to kill Minnie, so he can take over the whole France. That reason makes him to choose Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as Minnie’s bodyguards.
three musketeers

The friendship is challenged when finally the Beagle Boys successfully kidnap Princess Minnie. Donald, who is too coward to act, refuses to help Minnie. Mickey, who has already fallen in love with Minnie, wants to help her. Goofy, the clumsy, are lured by Clarabelle the Cow, Pete’s lieutenant, to leave his duty: guarding the palace.

three musketeers

Can the Three Musketeers successfully protect the princess?
Can Mickey finally take Minnie into his arms?
Can Donald also make Daisy fall in love with him?
Or can Goofy find his true love?

Find it by yourselves! ;)
If you want to watch it, make sure you buy the original one.
I found a great package here… Watch The Three Musketeers while holding the doll!

June 10

A Letter for Skandar Keynes

Skandar KeynesDear Skandar,

Thank you for your roll in the Chronicles of Narnia.  The movie turned out great and I enjoyed how you made it come alive.  Was it hard being in the movies?

I spend a lot of time watching movies.  There are many good movies; however, there are many more bad movies.  I have to say that your movie has been one of the best.  I have enjoyed watching it many times with my brothers and sisters.  All of us really enjoy it.

How did you get involved in movies?  Is it what you want to do?

If you could tell us fans one thing that would be meaningful, what would you tell us?

Please keep the movies coming.  I can’t wait to see you in future movies.  In the meantime, I will keep watching the Chronicles of Narnia.

Your Fan,



March 24

Bayou Beats on iPod/iPhone

Do you like Princess and the Frog? Do you love the music? If your answers to both questions are “Yes”, then you should download application named “Bayou Beas” for your iPod/iPhone.

As seen on the picture (I captured it right from my iPod), the game needs music to play. You can choose some songs to be played, and all of the songs are from the original soundtrack of Walt Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”.

All you have to do is to hit the crown when the lights up. Listen to the music to help you finding the beats.

On Extras menu, you can see short character-clips that never been seen on the movie before. You can choose Tiana, Big Mama and other characters, Naveen, or Louie. You can also watch the full version of music video “Never Knew I Needed” by Ne-Yo.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your iTunes and find Bayou Beats right now! And guess the best part! It’s free!!

December 12

More About the Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frog

If you live in New Orleans or Louisiana, you are going to love this film. Wait… If you live everywhere else you are going to love this film. The Princess and the Frog is one of the best Disney films I have ever seen. It’s completely original and the story was brought to life.

Living in New Orleans, I appreciate all the buildings, swamps, and Spanish moss. They really got it right. And the music was great too. I was dance to the jazz the entire night. It actually made me want to go to the French Quarter.

The story brings together many things that are New Orleans. If you have never been to New Orleans, you need to come to our city. It is one of the only cities that has an amazing character. You feel like you are in a different time, in a place outside the United States. Please come and visit our city.

December 9

Princess and The Frog

Do you still remember my previous post about The Newest Princess from Walt Disney?

The Princess and the FrogWalt Disney Animation Studios presents the musical THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, an animated comedy set in the great city of New Orleans. From the creators of “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin” comes a modern twist on a classic tale, featuring a beautiful girl named Tiana (ANIKA NONI ROSE), a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again, and a fateful kiss that leads them both on a hilarious adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana. THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG marks the return to hand-drawn animation from the revered team of John Musker and Ron Clements, with music by Oscar®-winning composer Randy Newman.

It’s supposed to be played on theatres on your country now or soon… Tell us if you’ve watched it!

May 22

From Barney to Disney Channel Demi Lovato

DisneyIf you have been keeping track of Disney, you would have noticed that Disney is everywhere.  Disney has become a large corporation.  They are no longer just a children dreams company, but a company that has fingers everywhere.  This is great for some, but brings the Disney image into question.

Growing up, Disney was synonymous with family values.  If you heard Disney made it, you would know it’s safe for young children.  However, as Disney grew, so did its audience.  It was no longer family.  It became adults, teenagers, etc.

Disney made some mistakes growing up.  Like any child becoming an adult, they took risks.  Some of these risk backfired.  Some did not.  Looking at it with the knowledge of where Disney is now, it looks like it all worked out.

Disney has found a balance.  They are still able to make family friendly movies.  Yet, they can still make adult films.  I have to hand it to Disney for making it work and keeping the tradition alive.

Thank you Disney

February 25

Disney on Ice Princess Wishes

Disney on Ice


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always  wanted to see Disney on Ice. Disney Ice Princess are amazing.  They are the real deal princesses and they are also figure skaters.

I have watched figure skating growing up.  It’s amazing how these athletes just dance on the ice.  It’s like gliding on the clouds.

What about a Disney Princess Wish?  Do Disney Princesses have wishes?

If you have ever watched a Disney movie, you would know that they are full of wishes.  It’s the magic of Disney that makes it so special.  If you ever get a chance to see Disney on Ice, I would likely recommend it.


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February 24

Congratulations, Wall-E!

Although it had six nominations for Oscar, an Pixar-Walt Disney animation Wall-E had won an Oscar for “Best Animated Film”. It was also nominated for Original Score, Original Song, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Original Screenplay.


Wall-E , like I’ve discussed before here, is an animation created by Pixar Studio and Walt Disney Production in 2008. It doesn’t have many dialogues, but still, it’s interesting to watch. The story is fresh and it’s showing us how our Earth will be if we keep making it dirty. Wall-E is a robot which has to clean our Earth so human will be able to live in it again.

One thing I remember from Wall-E is M-O, the robot whose duty is to make sure everything is clean in Axiom (the space ship where people from Earth live). M-O is Microbe Obliterator, which obsess to clean the ship and inspects incoming shipments. Every time M-O sees Wall-E, he always makes Wall-E clean. Wall-E dirty trail (because he is from our dirty Earth) always makes M-O upset, but he still cleans it. I love him! One thing interesting about Wall-E and M-O, they have same person to be their voice. Benn Burtt voiced Wall-E and M-O.

I feel pity that Wall-E didn’t get all the Oscars, but at least it won one. Besides Wall-E, Walt Disney was also nominated for Bolt. It is not 3D animation, but 2D animation with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus as Bolt and Penny.


Some interesting things related to Wall-E and friends

September 2

Long Ear Dumbo be Proud of Yourself

Do you remember your childhood story of Dumbo?  Dumbo is a childhood favorite of mine.  This elephant is amazing.


Coming from an era when things were a lot simpler, Dumbo learned to overcome his disadvantages.  He is made fun of as a little elephant.  I remember being made fun of for my name.  I can’t image how it would be if they made fun of my ears.

However, as I grew older, I enjoyed my name.  And Dumbo started enjoying is ears.  Have you ever seen an elephant fly?  You have… if you have seen the movie.  But the best part is… you have… if you have been on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland.

Dumbo Ride